Gallys Farm Shop Opening

Gallys Farm Shop

Situated in the idyllic countryside village of Bishopsbourne, near Canterbury, Gallys Farm Shop is a family run business with the goal of providing excellent quality food and a high level of service with family values at its core.

What started out as an empty shell of a building turned into the farm shop we envisioned and hoped for. Sticking to the nature of our goods, we wanted to give it rustic farm styling with an edge on quality. All decorated and designed by the family, we truly have put a bit of us into the farm shop.

Stocked with local produce sourced from farms in Kent, a key aim for Gallys was to support the farmers in the garden of England. This is includes an assortment of fruit and vegetables, fresh meat, milk, bread and eggs from our very own doorstep.

On the 8th of April we were proud to open Gallys Farm Shop. There was no more fitting way to start the family business than to get the Great-Grandad of the family to cut the ribbon! He also became our very first customer when he bought some of our farm fresh meat, sourced locally from Herne Bay.

We had special offers on a wide range of our goods including fresh fruit and vegetables, pet food and preserves.

We were thrilled to see how many of the locals came out to visit the farm shop, many of whom have become regulars ever since!

Thank you everyone for supporting Gallys Farm Shop and we hope to see you soon!

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